"Your Partner in Asia and Europe"

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Year 2000

Our Humble Beginnings

Asienservice has been leading the way in Asia and Europe exports for over ten years. We export quality products from Asia and Europe to countries around the world, covering an extensive range of product fields while maintaining consistent standards of excellence. Companies around the world seeking the best products Asia and Europe has to offer, always look to Asienservice.


March 2005

Moving to Thailand

Situated in the heart of the Thailand business centre, Asienservice has access to a wealth of resources from across the Asia rich. By locating, packaging and sending these products around the world to tight deadlines, we have built up a loyal and satisfied customer base. At present, we specialize in the exportation of more than 5000 different products from a variety of fields, including food, natural cosmetic items. Seafood, fruit and vegetables, Petroleum Products, Rice, Sugar are our all time best selling goods


Transition to Full Service

As an exporter, Asienservice has been able to achieve the confidence of buyers by providing quality products at reasonable rates. Our aim is the total satisfaction of our customers. Asia is able to produce almost all kinds of quality products at low costs, and we bring this huge resource to our customers.

In the present business situation, when the market is slashing down, Asienservice is able not only to maintain but also to develop itself at a rapid pace. We continue to explore new markets and maintain current ones. We strive to give the best every time and are able to do that, thanks to our experience and good relationship with suppliers all over Asia and Europe, making it possible for us to provide the best Asia and Europe products at reasonable rates.



The circle closes

An important step in this direction is our contact person in Germany by whom we can still faster and more narrowly make the connections between Asia and Europe.


Whole according to our motto: Your partner in Asia and Europe.


Many thanks for her confidence.

Your Asia Service Team