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Year 2000

Our Humble Beginnings

Asienservice has been leading the way in Asia and Europe exports for over ten years. We export quality products from Asia and Europe to countries around the world, covering an extensive range of product fields while maintaining consistent standards of excellence. Companies around the world seeking the best products Asia and Europe has to offer, always look to Asienservice.


March 2005

Moving to Thailand

Situated in the heart of the Thailand business centre, Asienservice has access to a wealth of resources from across the Asia rich. By locating, packaging and sending these products around the world to tight deadlines, we have built up a loyal and satisfied customer base. At present, we specialize in the exportation of more than 5000 different products from a variety of fields, including food, natural cosmetic items. Seafood, fruit and vegetables, Petroleum Products, Rice, Sugar are our all time best selling goods


Transition to Full Service

As an exporter, Asienservice has been able to achieve the confidence of buyers by providing quality products at reasonable rates. Our aim is the total satisfaction of our customers. Asia is able to produce almost all kinds of quality products at low costs, and we bring this huge resource to our customers.

In the present business situation, when the market is slashing down, Asienservice is able not only to maintain but also to develop itself at a rapid pace. We continue to explore new markets and maintain current ones. We strive to give the best every time and are able to do that, thanks to our experience and good relationship with suppliers all over Asia and Europe, making it possible for us to provide the best Asia and Europe products at reasonable rates.



The circle closes

An important step in this direction is our contact person in Germany by whom we can still faster and more narrowly make the connections between Asia and Europe.


Whole according to our motto: Your partner in Asia and Europe.


Many thanks for her confidence.

Your Asia Service Team

Declaration about the protection of data privacy (Privacy Policy) for www.asienservice.com

1. Preface

The operators of www.asienservice.com take seriously the protection of the private data. The special attention of the privacy at the processing of personal data is an important concern. Personal data become gemäss this one regulations of the Federal Data Protection Law BDSG used; the operators of this web site commit themselves to doing the discretion. These web pages can contain links to web pages of other suppliers extend on which this data protection explanation does not. Further important information is found also in the general terms of use.


2. Personal data

Personal data are information which can be used to this to learn the identity. Under this information like a right name, address, postal address, phone number, falls. Which is not taken to connection directly with the actual identity (such as favored web pages or number of users of a site), information does not come under it. In principle, one can use our online offer without disclosure of the identity. If one decides in favor of a registration, so applies as a member (registered user), one can deposit personal informations in the individual user profile. It is subject to the liberal decision whether these data are entered. And the detail of the electronic mail address to which the password is sent is had a try there the detail of a name suffices for a registration to lift up for a use of the supply as little as possibly personal data - one is led as a member under this and which does not have to agree with the real name. In connection with the access to our pages data (for example IP-address, the date, the time and pages looked at) are saved server-sidely. No personal utilization takes place. The statistical evaluation of data sets made anonymous is left.
We use the personal data for purposes of the technological administration of the web pages and to the customer management only on the scale respectively required for it. Furthermore personal data only then are saved if these are indicated voluntarily.


3. Passing on of personal data

We only use personal information for this web page. We do not pass the information on to third parties without express consent. We do not pass the information on to third parties without express consent.
Elevations or conveyances of personal data to state facilities and authorities are carried out only in the context of mandatory legal provisions.


4. Use of cookies

We use cookies - little files with configuration informations. You help to find user individual attitudes out and to realize special user functions. We do not record any personal data about cookies. All functions of the web site are usable also without cookies, some user-defined qualities and attitudes then are not available, though.


5. Children

Persons less than 18 years should not transmit any personal data without consent of the parents or having parental authority to us. We do not demand any personal data from children, do not collect these and do not pass them on to third parties.


6. Right to revocation

Any time, if you have left personal data to us, you can change and delete these in the user profile again. Please turn round for a complete deletion of the account to the webmaster. Received - information about it remain perhaps contributions in fora, comments, appointment announcements and articles having been carried out until this time also at the general terms of use, though.


7. Links to other web sites

Our online offer contains links to other web sites. We do not have influence that the operators adhere to the data protection definitions.


8. Contributions

The contributions at our page are accessible for everybody. Before the publication, contributions should be carefully checked for it whether they contain details which are not intended for the public. The contributions get recordedly and also without a specific call of this web site worldwide train hoarfrost cash possibly in search engines.


9. Questions and comments

Turning round by mail to the webmaster of www.asienservice.com in case of questions and for suggestions and comments on the protection of data privacy topic please.


impressum-icon Juridical tips to the web page all texts, pictures and further here to published information are defeated by the copyright of the supplier, untill copyrights of third exist. In any case, a duplication, spreading or public reproduction is permitted exclusively in case of a revocable and not transferable approval of the supplier. For all web contents linked by means of cross-reference (link) the supplier takes over no responsibility, because it does not concern, on this occasion, own contents. The verlinkten sides were checked for illegal contents, at the time of the Verlinkung those were not recognizable. Responsibly for the contents of the verlinkten sides is their operator. The supplier has moreover no general supervision duty and exam duty. Nevertheless, while becoming known a law breaking the suitable link is immediately removed.


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General terms of use for www.asienservice.com

1. Information about the copyright.

All information of this web page is provided without claim to correctness, completeness or topicality as indicated.
To be understood in this publication particularly elsewhere given and to be more precise in connection with a certain clipping has not under the following conditions to copy, to print and to distribute everyone, authorized to look at this document, if, a file or a document:
The document may be used only for noncommercial information purposes. Every copy of this document or a part of it must contain this explanation on copyright and the protection character of the operator on copyright. Document, everybody may copy of the document or a part of it not changed without a written consent of the operator to be. The operator reserves the right to revoke this approval any time, and every use must be immediately stopped as soon as a written announcement is published on the part of the operator.


2. Contractual assurances and waivers

As far as not agreed differently, the web site www.asienservice.com free of charge is at your disposal. The operators take on no liability for correctness of the contained information, availability of the services, loss of data stored on www.asienservice.com or usability for any certain purpose.
The operators are not liable for resultant damages either which are based on a use of the supply.
As far as an exclusion of liability does not come into consideration the operators are merely liable for gross negligence and firm intention. Product and company names are brands of the respective owners and are used exclusively for information purposes on these pages.
This publication could technical or other inaccuracies contained or write or typing mistake. The information on hand changes is added to from time to time; these changes are inserted in new editions of the publication. Any time the operator can carry out improvements and/or changes at the offers which are described in this publication.


3. Expressions of opinion at comments and in the forum

Due to the contents permanently changing themselves at comments and in the forum it is not possible for the operator to sight all contributions completely to examine as regards content and to perform immediate active control over it. No responsibility for the contents, the correctness and the form of the stopped contributions is taken on.


4. Special regulations for registered users

The user agrees a member to the registration at following » www.asienservice.com « terms of use following opposite the operator agreeable:
Members who participate in discussion fora and comments commit themselves to doing it,

  1. Abstaining in your contributions from any insults, punishable contents, pornography and rough mode of expression.
  2. The only responsibility to carry for the contents stopped by them, rights of third parties not to violate (particularly brands, originator and personal rights) and the operators of » www.asienservice.com « exempt from claims of third parties aroused by their contributions completely.
  3. Using recruitment of any way to adjust or fora and comments on any way of commercial activity neither in fora nor in comments. This particularly applies to the publication of » 0900 « phone numbers to any end. There is no claim to publication of submitted comments or forum contributions. The operators reserve for themselves to edit or to delete comments and forum contributions in an estimation of their own of » www.asienservice.com «. Furthermore from the point of view of time the operators reserve for themselves to close restrictedly or to delete constantly the membership at injuries of the duties under 1, 2 and 3.


5. Submit of contributions and articles

The following is of » www.asienservice.com « valid contributions makes on the whole the member of the possibility use of its own for an editorial part to submit:
The member is prerequisite position of contributions of one's own that user profile has typed in or types in after submitting the article there his complete and correct in front of and surnames into be » www.asienservice.com «. The submitted contribution is marked (publicly) with the there registered name at publication.
The member gives up the following explanations for all contributions, the one of it or you future on » www.asienservice.com « be submitted, off:

  1. The submitted contributions are the member insured; liberal rights of third parties, particularly originator, brands or personal rights this. This applies to all submitted contributions and sculptures.
  2. The member fills the operators an unlimited usufruct of the submitted contributions of » www.asienservice.com «. This covers the publication on the Internet on » www.asienservice.com « as well as on other internet servers in newsletter, print media and other publications.
  3. Submitted contributions are deleted or made anonymous by e-mail to the address of the webmaster again on desire of the member. The deletion or anonymization is carried out within 7 days after the communication. The operators are only in this respect liable for resultant damages this one result for the member from the delayed deletion of the contribution, as them not on a breach of duty of the member (above under 1), 2) and 3)) and ready they furthermore on a rough fault or firm intention of the operators of » www.asienservice.com « be based. In connection with this, we particularly point, that » www.asienservice.com « is subscripted by search engines regularly, and that we do not have influence on it, where and how long among us published contributions possibly also after deletion whether in databases of search engines and web catalogues, at » www.asienservice.com « you store and are callable.
  4. There is no claim to storage, publication or storage of the submitted contributions. The operators reserve for
    themselves not to publish submitted contributions without detail of reasons to edit before publication or to delete after publication in a liberal estimation again.
  5. No compensation demands arise fees, license fees, charges compensations from the publication of submitted contributions (or similar) the member opposite » www.asienservice.com «. The cooperation is honorary (free of charge.


6. Declaration about the protection of data privacy (Privacy Policy.)

Provided that within the Internet supply the possibility for the petition of personal or business data is used the
surrender of these data is so carried out on the part of the user on particularly voluntary basis. The claims on our service are allowed also without detail of such data or data made anonymous under detail or a pseudonym as far as technically possible and reasonable. Further important information about the protection of data privacy topic is found declaration in our about the protection of data privacy (Privaty Policy).


7. Registration and password

The user is obliged to treat confidentially and not to pass on to third parties the combination user name/password. At suspicion of abuse of the acquisition dates the operator has to be informed.


8. Contact

Address questions to the webmaster around www.asienservice.com, please.
OOM Service


9. Legal force

These general terms of use refer to www.asienservice.com.
Provided that parts or single wordings of this text should correspond to the current legal position not, no more or not completely, the other parts of the document remain untouched in her contents and their validity of this. Privacy Policy



Asiaservice is an enterprise which operates import and export in the Asian and European room and offers these worldwide. We sell many different products which you can see in a small summary at our product side.
Due to our over 10-year experience we already have a large clientele. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our contact side.
Profit from our experience. Now!
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